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Sweet Steamy Books by Ali James

Bruno – Book 2 – Sloane Protection Inc


I get hives each time I attend these speed dating events. My boss wants the thieves caught. And I’m the best man for the job.

As an ex-seal, kickboxer and self-defense instructor, I’ve probably seen it all, but these women get down right mean when you tell them “No”.

Then the redhaired beauty walks in and I can’t take my eyes off her.


My stepfather plans to auction me off to one of his partners and take my inheritance. Even my fiancé is working for him.

I need help. 

Will finding a man at the speed dating event willing to marry me stop my stepfather?

“Bruno” is the second in a new standalone short reads romance series “Sloane Protection Inc” from Ali James.

It’s a sweet and steamy romance featuring an OTT alpha hero and a strong BBW heroine.

It’s the perfect short read when you’re on the go or just need a steamy quickie romance insta love short story to cuddle up with.

There are no cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily ever after between an alpha male and the curvaceous woman he simply had to have for his own in this standalone story.

Chase – Sloane Protection Inc. Book 1


The job was simple. 

Quietly enter her house when the men guarding her were asleep and kidnap her. 

In and out. No one the wiser.

I didn’t expect her to escape out the window, making my job even easier. . . 

Or was it?

One look at her sweet behind as she shimmied down the last tree limb next to her house was all it took.

She belongs to me.

No one was going to stop me.

She. Is. Mine.

I don’t care what it takes or what will happen to me. The world will know she belongs to me and only me. No one hurts what is mine.

A hot, sexy standalone novella with a hard as steel ex-Navy seal, owner of a protection company and his sweet naïve lady. He will make her his.

Ali James writes Steamy Older Man, Younger Big Beautiful Woman Romances with HEA (Happy Ever After) endings. 

Disclaimer: This book is intended for an adult audience due to strong language and naughty sexual situations.

Finding True Love

Sarah James

How could I be so wrong about the man I thought was my perfect mate?

A few weeks before our wedding my fiancé elopes with his secretary.

Josie, my best friend and maid of honor, convinces me to take the honeymoon vacation. It was already paid for. Might as well get away.

All I wanted to do was take this trip and get away from all my friends and family that were feeling sorry for me. I just needed a couple of weeks away to sort out my life and swear off men, at least for a few months.

What were Josie and I thinking? Two single women, staying in a hotel that caters primarily to couples intent on love and sex.

One minute I’m swearing off men.
The next I’m salivating over the gorgeous and irresistibly handsome single man on the beach a few yards from me.

What happened to swearing off men?

Looking for a short story romance with insta-love and hot love scenes?  This is a standalone short reads sweet, steamy romance. There are NO cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA.

Claimed By The Cowboy


I’m happy with my solitary life on my ranch. I have my prize horses. Someday I’ll look for a woman to share my life. 


I had recently broken up with my fiance after finding him in bed with another woman. I’m not looking for love again anytime soon.

Snow Storm. Darcy’s car flips.

Logan to the rescue on his horse, Chief.

Can they stay away from each other in this perfect setting for love? 

A hot, sexy standalone novella with a Alpha male cowboy with his sweet, sexy big, beautiful woman.

WARNING: This short story has strong language with cuss words and explicit sex descriptions. Written for a mature audience.

Taking What’s Mine

When Emma Reed is commanded to meet the very wealthy billionaire, Luca Romano, she wants to refuse. He is demanding she honors her father’s gambling debt to him within 24 hours.

How could she give him what she doesn’t have? She works at an insurance company barely scraping by from paycheck to paycheck.

She hopes to make this handsome, intimidating and domineering man see reason. 

Then they meet, fireworks explode. He demands payment within 24 hours or she is to give herself to him. The innocent Emma is startled to realize she wants this infuriating man despite his demands.

Yet there is something about him. Something she can’t quite put her finger on. She is desperate to get close to him but is his terms too high a price to pay? 

Looking for a short story or a quickie romance with insta-love and hot love scenes?

These are standalone short reads sweet, steamy romance with an OTT (Over The Top) billionaire hero and a strong, innocent heroine.
There are NO cliffhangers and a guaranteed HEA (Happy Ever After).